Economic Development

Our economic activity spans four broad areas: Industrial/commercial, Agricultural, Recreation/tourism and Rural entrepreneurship/diversification. We need to grow our economy through all of these land uses while respecting our environment. Reinforcing our local economy through business support services will encourage innovation, promote entrepreneurship and manage risk.

The development of road and infrastructure networks are critical to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people, products and services through Parkland County. High speed internet needs to be further expanded to reach under-serviced and rural areas.

We need to streamline and simplify development approvals of all sizes, from housing to larger commercial projects. Complexity and delay (“red-tape”) increases the cost of all projects, and challenges our overall competitiveness. 

Developing a process to assist off-nation Indigenous businesses will help to support the First Nations, who are our trusted and respected neighbours, business partners and friends.

We need to be ready for investment opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship. We need to focus on business retention and expansion within our region.

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