Jobs and Training

We are a region that has diversified into agri-food, engineering and construction, and industrial fabrication. Commercial growth in retail, professional and medical services has also followed in response to the rapid population growth in our region.

Our goal is to encourage entrepreneurship and rural growth of businesses. Rural residents need training opportunities closer to home, and the provision of more rural jobs, as well as access to finishing or upgrading high school.

 We need to preserve and protect our agricultural lands by keeping farm area clustered and in close proximity to each other. It is  important to encourage “aging-in-place” for the future generations of farming families.

We need to support start up business, using tax incentives. We need to be able to tap into our existing network of businesses for guidance with training and support.

We need to leverage provincial tourism initiatives to encourage increasing visitation from urban areas such as Edmonton. 

The importance of broadband cannot be overstated. We need continued funding to provide high speed internet in under-serviced and rural areas by identifying and obtaining funding for broadband installations.

New technologies are creating opportunities in rural areas that never previously existed. With effective policies, efforts, and a willingness to learn from successes and failures, it is possible to realize these opportunities, and envision a thriving, revitalized Parkland County.

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