Recreation and Leisure

Our communities provide a good quality of life for all residents, providing hunting, fishing, boating, golfing, farmers’ markets, arts and culture and shopping.  We have a historic rural character with a strong sense of community and local heritage. We have large communities and prosperous hamlets.

Accessibility to recreation and leisure events is problematic in a region as large as ours.

We need to encourage more arts, cultural and heritage activities for the benefit of our citizens.

We need new programs and facilities for community groups. We must increase accessibility while also encouraging efficiencies in their operations. Solutions such as shuttles to events, satellite events and financial assistance programs are also needed. We must formalize more cost-sharing agreements between the municipalities, as seen with the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre and our new Entwistle Community Recreation Centre.

We need to support partnerships with our Indigenous Communities and support their cultural organizations, such as the Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration in Stony Plain , and build an understanding of diversity and inclusion through increased public communication.

Communities will thrive with parks, open spaces, recreational facilities, protective services and the social and  cultural opportunities that can be provided.

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