Social Supports

The unprecedented and negative impact of Covid has affected everyone. These are stressful times, and families everywhere are coping with changing routines, anxiety, and loss. Our children have suffered through disruption in school attendance, sports, and friendships. They have struggled with isolation, on-line learning and the stress of constant change. Parents and care-givers have had to cope with the  devastation of loss of income and work. There are those that have been impacted directly by the illness. 

Education has been disrupted for the past 18 months, resulted in an inevitable loss of learning slide. Some children do not learn from online teaching. Parents have had to have fine alternate childcare solutions in the workplace, or try to work from home while overseeing their children’s online learning.

Families have been isolated, and those in need may not have had the resources to properly cloth and feed their children.

We need to invest in continued growth of senior housing developments. It is important to encourage “aging-in-place” for the future generations of farming families.

In fact, we need to address the well-being of every individual in Parkland County so they can reach their full potential. This means focused human resourcing which can be provided through partnerships thereby minimizing the costs to Parkland County residents. We need to establish stronger and more effective community relations, resident supports and program delivery.

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