Not only is Parkland County connected by its strong community of agriculture and rural heritage, it is also connected through its diverse natural areas.

Environmental initiatives must find a balance between economic and environmental sustainability. Support for agricultural land policies is important to ensure a strong and diverse industry. We need to keep our watersheds healthy and resilient and take appropriate action to protect our groundwater.

We will work with surrounding municipalities, the Edmonton Metropolitan Board, the province, Indigenous communities and other non-governmental organizations on promoting environmental initiatives through effective and appropriate conservation and management practices.

We need to implement water conservation and water reduction practices. Some solutions include gray water re-use in landscaping, drought tolerant plants and landscapes. We also need to learn from the best models of agricultural water conservation and drought management practices. We need to divert solid waste from landfills through recycling and composting. Stormwater reuse can include irrigation, water features, sanitary sewer flushing, street cleaning/dust control, vehicle/building washing, and firefighting. Rainwater capture can also be be used for these purposes.

We need to keep our environmental system in balance while enjoying our natural resources in a way that is sustainable.

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